Residency Orientation Week

I just wanted to send a little note out into the ocean of cyberspace! My family medicine residency orientation began last Wednesday and continues for two more days. Friday is my first day, starting on an intense family medicine inpatient service, and I am nervous and excited.
There are many little transitions like moving into a place, living away from the husband for two weeks, moving where there is no family, entering residency etc! And I have never in my life received so many little tasks for checking mail/e-mail/baskets as well as documentation/double documentation.
To be busy in the next few days will be a blessing. I think the distraction of actual work and the reality of a huge support system will settle in. While I would not wish away this time–full of little dinners with my intern class as well as procedure courses–I will feel more settled once “work” begins.
I hope this finds you readers well. I also hope I am not the first nor the last to feel small and important, scared and glad all at once, take care, Hopeful Doc M.D.

I have all these brothers and sisters around me. None of them ever turned to drugs. Why am I the only one who turned to drugs? Why me?

–Patient from Afternoon Clinic

To Bear What is Born

Yanuary Navarro


Helping birth life into this world, I have felt hot and cold and more emotions than humanly possible.  Excitement with the first time mom swings to despair for the preterm demise back to the thrill of delivery. The up-down’s of waiting and watching, watching and waiting. Continue reading