A twenty-something optimist, I am passionate about a million things. But, between my reasons for coming and leaving, it would seem that I am exactly where I am supposed to be–med school.

Photo Booth 4004 - Copy - CopyI grew up thinking that I might want to be an astronomer/Lego designer, then a baker and finally an English teacher.

Once in-class observation hours started during undergrad–props to public school teachers–my path had to change. Family and friends and running and traveling and lots of prayer and ice cream helped me get by.

Three years passed.

A medical school said yes to my dress, the really expensive MCAT and AMCAS application kind. Then I freaked out after my first year–which is, they tell me after the fact, the worst year–and wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a doctor.

But then bunches of people said nice things. I prayed. Jesus said encouraging things. An M3 friend admitted he wishes he could have half my energy and an ounce of my happiness about the world.

I like to share hopeful things.

Writing is my way of navigating the ups, downs, and all arounds of studying for hours on end. Somewhere I read that medically minded people see humanity at its best and worst and strangest. So cheers to blogging against burnout, to thriving in the grind of medical school!

Year three–let’s go, baby.

P.s. I am not a doctor, please don’t sue me quite yet or let my thoughts trump those of your real doctor.

P.p.s. WordPress told me to say that the copyright monster says:
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  1. Hi again HD!
    I’m not sure if you do the “awards” thing, but if you do, I just nominated you no.1 for a Leibster award on my blog, because you have one seriously inspiring blog.
    Hope you have a great day!

    • Oh I am so honored! All the hopefulness spills over from getting to know Jesus and also talking with brave, wonderful, normal people who respond beautifully to the crazy things in life! His and their faithfulness inspires me.

      Have a lovely day yourself and keep making me laugh with that blog of yours!!


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