Bac Bac Bac It Up–Memorizing Micro

Tired of bacilli and virions not sticking?

Can’t get enough of diarrhea-inducing prokaryotes?

I’ve a few charts which might pic up the happiness of your studies! We can skip down micro memory lane. Hold hands. Thrive.

Nit-picky diagnostic features should be the least of your worries when trying to remember epidemiology, pathology, treatment, how to spell that stinking scientific name.  May the doodles in my head aid your memorization of useful, by which I mean USMLE test-worthy, characteristics of gram positive/gram negative bacteria.

(Be learning-style forewarned, my brain looks like this and I study like this.)

To quickly learn information, I assigned basic symbols to each characteristic adding and classifying microorganisms as professors introduced them.

Re-drawing, sometimes while narrating aloud, these charts every couple days allowed me to get everything down by the end of the week. No need to study what I already knew! Come quiz or exam, my brain didn’t have to play the mnemonic game but simply shuffled images.

Here’s the sitch on bacteria:

Image (3)

Need viruses in every shape, envelope, and nucleic acid color?!

Image (4)

Image (5)

Check out my wormies. (Not literally mine–been helminth free since 1990!)

Image (6)

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P.s. Happy studies!

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    • Why thanks for stopping by, appreciating the around the bell shaped curvedness of my mind :) Do share if you know visual-learner type people struggling with micro!

  1. Your notes look a lot like mine – mine just include a lot of useless info and fewer abbreviations because otherwise I manage to confuse myself :/
    I love how you wrote “duh” next to Borna… I write duh, obviously, and others on my notes too and I’ve never seen anyone else do that 😀

    • That makes my heart happy! Maybe some of your blogging genius will rub off on me as well :) My friend likes to tease that my notes sometimes have more pictures than words!


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