The Hydration Dilemma


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Drink up! They say. What color’s your pee? They ask. Why care? Students wonder.

We’ve 99 problems, and hydration shouldn’t be one of them. All this polite and well-intentioned advice seems watered down, trivial as exams approach. As we countdown to Christmas break, some minds are left asking–

Why water to keep the brain finals fighting fit?

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Apples to Apples–Juicing in Medical School

Everything is about to get dicey and feisty–some argue medical students don’t have fun, but maybe the loudest attend medical school. Maybe the crankiest never played Apples to Apples. A group of friends and I played last night, lots of fun.

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Cause My Mama Told Me So–Kicking the Habit


P.s. This if some of my dad’s earliest photography work hehe!

Some addictions, like running and studying, can benefit the abuser in therapeutic doses. Others, whether by over indulgence or one-time use… not so much. I don’t know where one might classify blogging–definitely not beside crack cocaine, but not quite far enough removed from, say, food over-consumption or TV marathoning or whatever seemed benign at the time until you realized that your quiz and future life depends on other things than the free-T-shirt Continue reading

Cupcakes and Coke and Totaled Cars


If your car ever gets squished to smithereens, remember to tell your friends about it.

Because if we find out via rumors of some text from a classmate with this obscure picture of you standing beside your hunk of metal, we’re comin’ after you.

Doesn’t matter if your precious baby car was totaled while you escaped with a few abrasions and edema, we’re comin’ after you.
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Why Must They All Look the Same!?

You’re patient presents with GI discomfort. And they’re from Southeast Asia or West Africa or somewhere far away. How can you delineate flat from round from wandering worms?

My prof pointed out distinctive qualities that can only be seen in a lab.

Check out that upset stomach.

a2 - Copy.
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