Apples to Apples–Juicing in Medical School

Everything is about to get dicey and feisty–some argue medical students don’t have fun, but maybe the loudest attend medical school. Maybe the crankiest never played Apples to Apples. A group of friends and I played last night, lots of fun.

Let’s play a round and get pumped about pre-clinical life. Continue reading


Fell in love with this dish while doing a gig with my wedding-photographer-by-weekends, software-consultant-on-weekdays dad. Continue reading

Hopeful Surgeons Grow in Gardens

20131026_174135Don’t think hacking kale roots or yanking out mutant carrots sounds like surgery? Consider the first an amputation. Picture the second as a removal of infected sebaceous glands–yuck. Maybe don’t. But however you slice it, us future docs must learn how to be handy with metal objects.

Basic training began in our own backyard, or rather, a community garden in a local church’s backyard. Orienting ourselves with the sterile field, we gloved and gowned (why?) then plunged into digging and pulling and all around mess-making. Continue reading

Cupcakes and Coke and Totaled Cars


If your car ever gets squished to smithereens, remember to tell your friends about it.

Because if we find out via rumors of some text from a classmate with this obscure picture of you standing beside your hunk of metal, we’re comin’ after you.

Doesn’t matter if your precious baby car was totaled while you escaped with a few abrasions and edema, we’re comin’ after you.
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