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Cause My Mama Told Me So–Kicking the Habit


P.s. This if some of my dad’s earliest photography work hehe!

Some addictions, like running and studying, can benefit the abuser in therapeutic doses. Others, whether by over indulgence or one-time use… not so much. I don’t know where one might classify blogging–definitely not beside crack cocaine, but not quite far enough removed from, say, food over-consumption or TV marathoning or whatever seemed benign at the time until you realized that your quiz and future life depends on other things than the free-T-shirt Continue reading

Plodia interpunctella

Or more commonly, indianmeal moth. During the nightly study ritual, my computer at the table, my roommate’s notes strewn across the kitchen bar, some moths flitted over our heads. And soon others. One staring down from the ceiling. Two tacked on the pantry door. Three of us living here with three shelves now apparently a buffet for our newly discovered and completely unwelcome dinner guests.
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I Have Highlighters

Welcome back. Those two little words cannot come soon enough. This Monday, they will mean that my class of 20-16 survived the first year of medical school. That biochemistry came and went. That neuroscience didn’t fry our minds. That anatomy couldn’t pull us into the grave. That nothing was going to keep us from our windowless classroom with its onslaught of useless information. That we are second years.
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