You Don’t Have to Be a Doctor

Says my mom. This during another lengthy debate concerning the pros and cons of becoming one. And since registration for second year isn’t a declaration of marriage, I’ve flirted a bit with various career options in the medical field.

My first go around was this spring. Lilacs a’ bloomin’ and sun a’ shinin’ and a PhD a’ smilin’. What’s so alluring about the whole gig? I pictured falling in love with…

-No STEP or shelf exams

-Making science happen

-Finding the cure for cancer

-Analyzing data from home (it’s a no-no to bring your patients home)

-Writing Dr. on checks and what not

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Yesteryears of Medicine

Hi. My name’s HD and I’m here to take you back… At least that’s my spiel as a part-time transporter / surgical orderly. But I’d rather transport you to the 1960’s. 1963 to be exact. That was the year the G. family immigrated from the Philippines so Lolo could meet the Smith brothers. They would hire my great-grandfather at the same exact hospital that now employs me!
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What do Detroit and I have in common? Our spreadsheets aren’t balancing. And I’m thinking that maybe we should have used something other than Excel…

I have oodles of numbers that I clumsily pecked over the last four days on a number pad (yes, a real desktop computer with a keyboard still exists!) Eyes glazed over, thumb pushing zero where there shouldn’t zeros. It was the real deal. And today was to be the day when all of that would pay off.


Excel at first glance.

Excel Confusion

Excel after an hour.

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