Treated Never Tricked! USMLE Step 1

CandiesHoly cocoa! My inbox just burst open with the most hopeful email. And after a recent post on my school’s USMLE scare-fest, we pre-clinical kids could use some sweet words. To simply click “save” on this one would be akin to hiding away goody bags of dark chocolate from a good candy house found at the tail end of the night’s trick-or-treating!


Hey girl…

Try not to get too freaked out… it will be okay.  We both have within us what it takes to succeed, and will make it through.  A good friend of mine, a fellow patient who has endured far more than I could ever imagine (and despite her significant illnesses became a judge for patients with disabilities) Continue reading

Trick or Treat! USMLE Step 1

Halloween hasn’t quite happened but Step 1 already had us second years quivering in maroon swivel chairs of a windowless room.

Last month, our professors “cordially invited” the entire class to a mandatory introduction to the joys of USMLE. This afternoon, like good, little pre-clinical med students, the whitest white-coated kind, we tried our best to muster up all our optimism. It had been a long day beginning with a quiz in parasitic worms along with necrotizing fungi and ending in lectures on every known sexually transmitted disease. With terrifying slides of clinical examples. In color. Continue reading