Puppy Love

Our eyes met across the med school lobby, the sunshine pouring in all around. Though we’d never met, it felt as if we’d known each other since the halcyon days of biochem. He turned his shoulders toward mine. I stared back. To the thud-thud-thud of my heart, he approached.
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Healing and Suffering–A Christian, Muslim, and Sikh Go To Lunch

First week of second block has us M2’s fumbling, stumbling over the cardiovascular system, pondering matters of the heart–who’s upstairs listening when it skips a beat?

Can’t be epistemically certain, but today’s chat with fellow future docs contributed good answers to my question. Continue reading

When I Realized the Government Shutdown Included the CDC and NIH


As if learning about every lethal bacterial species wasn’t bad enough, our government decided to run out of money and no longer keep tabs on stockpiles of infectious agents.

Just peachy.

Happy day for those who prefer Salmonella undercooked and unobserved. Let the food-borne illnesses just monitor themselves!

Oh and don’t worry about the small businesses that depend on the tourism drawn by our national parks. Pay no mind to the 2 million federal workers on furlough. I’d be more concerned about our congressmen with the winter season quickly approaching.

How will they ever get their flu shots?!?


Avoiding the Doctor Disease

It’s endemic. There are lots of unhappy and mean doctors out there. And I’m not just talking about the orthopod who screams at his staff. Or my childhood dentist. Or that proctologist (ewwwww.)

Recently, my friend’s mom told me about this disorder of frustrated arrogance comorbid with entitled inhumanity that often begins somewhere between first and second year of medical school and incubates into a full blown infection by the end of residency.
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