I have all these brothers and sisters around me. None of them ever turned to drugs. Why am I the only one who turned to drugs? Why me?

–Patient from Afternoon Clinic

The Daringest and the Darlingest

Master Plan

(Adorableness can be found by this artist here.)

Lots of my friends registered for the USMLE Step 1 this weekend, displaying confirmatory white sheets of printer paper with some fancy 580 dollar embossed stamp. Not as uninhibited after our final exam of the first block, I’d hesitated, was hesitating, am ruminating, all in some near paralyzed fashion.

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Let the Medicine Games Begin

What if medicine was like the Hunger Games? I just devoured the first book yesterday and can’t stop imagining all the sub specialties as tributes within hospital battle grounds.

You’d have the Careers–the cardiologists, orthopods, and neurosurgeons–all with the latest gadgets and training. (They’re making fistfuls of money like the Careers taking over the food stock.) That clever Foxface would be the dermatologist with her sneaky reimbursement ways. Next comes dear, little Rue. She’d be your soft-spoken psychiatrist friend, applying tonics and tinctures against burn out and depression. But then she’d get speared… forcing you to retaliate by killing that hoity-toity surgeon.
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