Last Shelf, Best Shelf

That’s what one of us said when starting this final block of our third year. Everyone laughed–because we’ve lost our will to study. Our minds are fried by endless question banks and teased by mind-boggling rotation schedules. We’re all itching to move on. I’ma bout to take my neurology shelf and then say buh-bye to this marathon of a third year.

“You’re so close!” That’s what my roommate and my mom and boyfriend say when I blog instead of studying. And they also very close–to being right. Because in the most literal sense, three weeks = three weeks ≠ 47 weeks of my life that I already devoted to third year. Yet those three weeks appear as an eternity of half days with different attendings in their various clinics. Three weeks lie between me and applying for residency. That is enough in itself to refute the idea that I am “close.”

When my internal calendar overwhelms and my heart rallies to finish strong, I take a breather. Let-it-in-2-3 and let-it-out-5-6. Third year has made me very zen and invariable zany. Sometimes after reading my morning devotion, I’ll set an alarm for 3 minutes of deep breathing. My mind then drifts into this non-judgementmal, low-pressure space until I float off into thankfulness– medical school, my little brothers, my mom and dad, Christ, friends, my guy, receiving an away rotation, figuring out my intended specialty, that attending who said I was welcome to stop in anytime… and three weeks left.

I am beyond thankful for three weeks left!



Dear readers,

Having not written about my recent pediatrics and psychiatry rotations, I wanted to share that I don’t like kiddos near enough to be a pediatrician but that I cannot wait to incorporate psychiatry into the future… family medicine is the thing for me!

Love, sparkles and Qbanks,



    • Thanks, Dr. Disis! I’m certainly looking forward to that. Also, congrats to you and your family–you rock that Maxi dress!


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