I bet you’re gonna go home and think about this… no seriously, I believe in the young doctors of this world. There’s no one who’s told them you can’t fix that yet. Young doctors are the ones who go on to become old doctors who fix things.

–Patient with a Perplexing Case


I am so thankful for this Friday of all Fridays. Internal medicine is wrapping up which cannot happen soon enough. I didn’t realize how incredibly demanding hospital life can be. Your time and emotions are pulled in a million different directions by social work and patients and nursing staff and residents and doctors and so on. Then you go home and see people. More people. So many people in the services industries that I marvel how we do not become easily burnt out. Continue reading

Exchange with an Author/Doctor/Blogger Friend

Hey Bloggie Blogosphere! And hello dear reader!

It is my pleasure to introduce my residency-bound, novel-writing friend. She goes by Eniola. This past fall, her personal story of graduating medical school then writing a novel during her gap year caught my attention. I cannot tell you how much I admire her story (was hoping that she might tell you herself) and she responded thus! Continue reading