Let your character define your medicine, not the other way around. You’ll become a robot if all you attend to is the journals and learning every new fact and staying late and missing soccer. That’s the challenge and that’s the art.

–Dr. G.R.

Apples to Apples–Juicing in Medical School

Everything is about to get dicey and feisty–some argue medical students don’t have fun, but maybe the loudest attend medical school. Maybe the crankiest never played Apples to Apples. A group of friends and I played last night, lots of fun.

Let’s play a round and get pumped about pre-clinical life. Continue reading

Living to Learn Together

2013-11-08 23.19.33

Many in this world are learning to live together. My medically-minded friends and I are living to learn together.

Not that we’ve anything against figuring out how to end wars between countries or siblings or political parties, but our future careers kinda depend on our brains. And our brains rely upon each others’ (see fortune above). Continue reading

The Makings of a Working Woman

Fantasmic art at The Cultural Project by Pilar Clergue

Made the loveliest quiche with my loveliest friend, Jazzy, from study abroad time in France. We didn’t wait one second, couldn’t help our appetites, just dove right into the subject of working women within five minutes of her coming over. Continue reading