When I Realized the Government Shutdown Included the CDC and NIH


As if learning about every lethal bacterial species wasn’t bad enough, our government decided to run out of money and no longer keep tabs on stockpiles of infectious agents.

Just peachy.

Happy day for those who prefer Salmonella undercooked and unobserved. Let the food-borne illnesses just monitor themselves!

Oh and don’t worry about the small businesses that depend on the tourism drawn by our national parks. Pay no mind to the 2 million federal workers on furlough. I’d be more concerned about our congressmen with the winter season quickly approaching.

How will they ever get their flu shots?!?


You Are What Eats You

We’re walking around with bacteria ten times the amount of our own cells. Or 10 x 100,000,000,000,000–the cell bio according to Wiki. And supposedly, we’ve enough inner prokaryotes to fill an entire soup can, whereas we might could squish one fist into a Campbell’s can. Does the anyone else wonder about this whole lot of bugs compared to the little bit of us?
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Giving It a Tri

My bucket list came out to play today. Even though school starts in three days, the little energizer bunny in me itched to check something off. So I opened the old computer file. Safari. Rock climbing. Undergrad. Quilting. Simultaneously ironing a quilt block and my leg…. (I should’ve gone upstairs to the ironing board, but the carpet seemed more convenient and I sat down and set the thing aside so I wouldn’t burn myself while opening my legs to better lay the fabric on the floor without remembering that I’d set the iron…)

Ouch. It’s painful realizing that my dreams float in this holding pattern of too-late-not-yet’s. I’ve outgrown sleep-overs at the manatee exhibit. I’m wondering if pet-unicorns ever existed. I’m not old enough to drive route 66 in a baby blue convertible. I can’t fly my hypothetical kids to the Philippines. I won’t, in good conscience, produce hypothetical kids right now. What could satisfy my need for speed, wheels, and water? On a grad student’s budget?
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