Cause My Mama Told Me So–Kicking the Habit


P.s. This if some of my dad’s earliest photography work hehe!

Some addictions, like running and studying, can benefit the abuser in therapeutic doses. Others, whether by over indulgence or one-time use… not so much. I don’t know where one might classify blogging–definitely not beside crack cocaine, but not quite far enough removed from, say, food over-consumption or TV marathoning or whatever seemed benign at the time until you realized that your quiz and future life depends on other things than the free-T-shirt Continue reading

Dollar Dip Days Study Haze

Some scream for ice cream, others study for it.

I so earned every last speck of Oreo chocolate delight. And that bite of my friend’s caramel truffle swirl… also, those couple of test spoonfuls of fudge dream and chocolate creme. My brain-weary body wanted my one and only dollar to count toward something divine.

And have you ever met the nice folks at Baskin Robbins? They’ve such a heart for the poor, extending kindness to five medical students, granting each and every request for a sample. Maybe we’re picky. Or maybe we hadn’t eaten dinner yet.

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Arabic Made Easy–With Jordanian Friends

The secret to learning the gorgeously intricate and fascinating language of the Middle East lies within its own speakers–i.e. if you make Jordanian friends, you’re bound to learn a word or two.

IMG_5585It may require picking them up from the airport on Labor Day weekend then inviting them over to someone’s house to hang out. And then you may have to get out of your comfort zone by trying an Xbox Kinect dancing sort of game whereby you’re flailing your arms in front of your new friends. But hey, when they’re fourth year medical students with only a month-long rotation at your hospital–you dance in ways you haven’t before.

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An Outdoor Concert: From the Inside

20130920_215518I could have let it go. I thought about studying. But am I so glad I texted my friend, one who loves spontaneity more than myself, two nights ago. Her movie-theater-turned-giant-church invited everyone to a concert by their hometown guys who made it big. But even yesterday morning, my thoughts remained divided. Will they even need volunteers? Don’t you have a test in a week? Those questions and much studying carried on into the afternoon with songs playing in the background–the very CD on which the tour is based. I clicked the album cover as if shaking a magic eight ball, hoping the outlook was good. A text came from that same friend, Hey, let’s do this. Just show up tonight with me and I’ll get you in to volunteer! Can you meet me at 5:30? 

Concert. Study. Concert. Study. Yes, definitely, I promptly replied.
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Goin’ to the Chapel



Two of my dear, biology major friends married one another this past weekend. That meant that two of my other sciencey major friends and I skipped south some seven hours, across a time zone, and into Nashville. Our plan? Switch n’ study. To alternate quizzing and driving only seemed logical for one dental and two medical students. But three quarters of the way there, I felt as fresh as when I’d begun my shift at 5:40 AM. Catching up with old lab buddies kept me brighter eyed than any dose of espresso.
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If Cupcakes Could Talk

They’d be a half dozen. One dark chocolate, another peanut butter, a third red velvet, the rest lemon-blueberry–all snapped in plastic, cradled atop both of my arms. I would grip a rainbow of balloons in my right hand, squeezing in my left a raffle prize. Top and center would sit a green T-shirt (a free one at that!) right beside a blue dish of M&Ms, another gift from that evening.

And those cupcakes would have once lined the counters of the attic of the student union on main campus. Like ducks in a row. The smiling kind. They’d witness all sorts of people meeting all different sorts of people. I would make a friend from Nigeria and another from Mexico and another, well, she would be an MPH student. Everyone glancing, contemplating–which flavor would need sampled… again? They’d whisk the cupcakes off to the corner where bowls of M&Ms lined the tables. Across those would sail red crepe streamers under red paper hearts dangling on red strings from the rafters.
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How to Skip Ahead

Getting past my schedule for the next 6 years of med school life is pretty hard to do. But, this weekend, I’ve managed to beat the lines, get the DL, and seize the day. I hope you take time to:

1. Get your patients early.

There are physicians that fly through their same-day surgeries. Once I have people to the holding room in an appropriately early fashion, I can kick back. It’s a trend that’s worth keeping for my second year studies. Get things done before they’re due!

2. Read book 3 before you’ve started book 2.
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