Healing and Suffering–A Christian, Muslim, and Sikh Go To Lunch

First week of second block has us M2’s fumbling, stumbling over the cardiovascular system, pondering matters of the heart–who’s upstairs listening when it skips a beat?

Can’t be epistemically certain, but today’s chat with fellow future docs contributed good answers to my question. Continue reading

The Makings of a Working Woman

Fantasmic art at The Cultural Project by Pilar Clergue

Made the loveliest quiche with my loveliest friend, Jazzy, from study abroad time in France. We didn’t wait one second, couldn’t help our appetites, just dove right into the subject of working women within five minutes of her coming over. Continue reading

We Are Going To Hold Babies Someday

Happy Baby

Baby clothes from Oilily, heart wringingly adorable.

Awwww. Eee! Aw. Ooo!

That is how strong med school women spell cute, with a capital Q-T. When passing the tiny people clothes department, we melt under a shower of Aww’s OoO-sing from our hearts. It’s almost like we’ll make great moms one of these days.

Then why have so many of us fielded questions like “if you become a doctor, will you never be at home?” or “how can you still have a family?” Continue reading

Hopeful Surgeons Grow in Gardens

20131026_174135Don’t think hacking kale roots or yanking out mutant carrots sounds like surgery? Consider the first an amputation. Picture the second as a removal of infected sebaceous glands–yuck. Maybe don’t. But however you slice it, us future docs must learn how to be handy with metal objects.

Basic training began in our own backyard, or rather, a community garden in a local church’s backyard. Orienting ourselves with the sterile field, we gloved and gowned (why?) then plunged into digging and pulling and all around mess-making. Continue reading