Because Who is Perfect?

Maybe you’re also trapped in a glass case of emotion called finals?

Well Mama Hopeful sent a lil video. Those with disabilities get store-front mannequins fashioned after their unique bodies. Moving. Inspiring. Hopeful.

(P.S. You know you’re in bad shape when your mother keeps you on the YouTube up and up. But, again, who really truly is perfect!?)

Cause My Mama Told Me So–Kicking the Habit


P.s. This if some of my dad’s earliest photography work hehe!

Some addictions, like running and studying, can benefit the abuser in therapeutic doses. Others, whether by over indulgence or one-time use… not so much. I don’t know where one might classify blogging–definitely not beside crack cocaine, but not quite far enough removed from, say, food over-consumption or TV marathoning or whatever seemed benign at the time until you realized that your quiz and future life depends on other things than the free-T-shirt Continue reading

Avoiding the Doctor Disease

It’s endemic. There are lots of unhappy and mean doctors out there. And I’m not just talking about the orthopod who screams at his staff. Or my childhood dentist. Or that proctologist (ewwwww.)

Recently, my friend’s mom told me about this disorder of frustrated arrogance comorbid with entitled inhumanity that often begins somewhere between first and second year of medical school and incubates into a full blown infection by the end of residency.
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