Why Must They All Look the Same!?

You’re patient presents with GI discomfort. And they’re from Southeast Asia or West Africa or somewhere far away. How can you delineate flat from round from wandering worms?

My prof pointed out distinctive qualities that can only be seen in a lab.

Check out that upset stomach.

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You Are What Eats You

We’re walking around with bacteria ten times the amount of our own cells. Or 10 x 100,000,000,000,000–the cell bio according to Wiki. And supposedly, we’ve enough inner prokaryotes to fill an entire soup can, whereas we might could squish one fist into a Campbell’s can. Does the anyone else wonder about this whole lot of bugs compared to the little bit of us?
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Diarrhea and Mortality

Broken eggSo we’re currently studying all the ways one might die by dysentery. There’s the I-fed-my-cow-corn-and-wreaked-havoc-on-its-intestinal-flora-allowing-harmful-bacteria-to-enter-our-food-supply method. Thanks, E. coli. And there’s the I-work-in-a-nursery-with-sick-children-all-day possibility. Thanks again, E. coli. Then comes the really bad I-didn’t-completely-incinerate-my-chicken-patty way. Enter, salmonella enterica. We’re not just talking about extra trips to the bathroom or debilitating dehydration, but raging fevers and bacteria in the blood with a chance of endocarditis and cholecystitis and lots of other organ-specific-itises.
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The Things We Dream

Welcome to my new URL, dear readers. I’m pretty pumped to be hosting my own WordPress site. But keep your fingers crossed that it won’t melt into some cyber wasteland of over-coded, under-linked HTML. Creating my own website has left me within this gap of reality and awesomeness… essentially in tears over plugins and widgets and all the other fancy add-ons.

Who really needs this?


Too. Many. Plugins.

Or this?

You can OD on widgets.

I know tech people don’t mean to make life difficult. And today, this article reminded me of the good things scientists dream up. Real inspirational. But I think I’ll stick with coding rather than entering the bowels of some university hospital and performing magic on lab rats. And to those who feel my blogging incompetencies, let us [W]press on.