You’re HIV Positive

RIbbonLying half-naked in some cloth napkin they call a gown, you wonder–when is Doctor Resident coming? The initial diagnosis of traveler’s diarrhea from a recent trip to Trinidad doesn’t explain your return to the ER. After two weeks in the hospital and the standard battery of tests, including HIV, your results should be available.

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MD vs. PA: Part II

I don’t pretend to be someone that only dreamt of white coat days in an MD haze. For myself and many others, the question between MD vs. PA school manifests itself. But to what extent and when is anyone’s guess. The last summer after year one and calls to 4 PA friends doesn’t seem ideal, but neither is regret over staying simply because you are capable/smart/expected to etc.

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Why I Go to Medical School

Hopefully my previous post hasn’t scared off any great future doctors out there. And if you’re already in medical school–cheers to living the dream! Here are my reasons for staying:

  • I love helping hurting people.

If you’re like me, your heart breaks at the sight of a stubbed toe… ok, more like a congenital tracheoesophageal fistula. But you want to hug it all away, mentally/emotionally, for the less demonstrative types. Crying alongside patients who have lost physical functions, family members, or their dreams = comforting sick people = medicine.

  • I can’t picture life outside of a clinical setting.

And you don’t remember a time when you weren’t sporting a plastic doctor kit. My CRNA mom gave us the birds and the bees talk when I was six and Jon was four–Netter style. Emergency intubation? I’ma come along. Gummy bears? I’ma perform brain surgery.

My brother and I used to transplant arms and legs and whole heads. Preggo gummies exist too.

Transplant, tumorous, pregnant, amputated gummies. All sorts out there.

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