The Makings of a Working Woman

Fantasmic art at The Cultural Project by Pilar Clergue

Made the loveliest quiche with my loveliest friend, Jazzy, from study abroad time in France. We didn’t wait one second, couldn’t help our appetites, just dove right into the subject of working women within five minutes of her coming over. Continue reading

We Are Going To Hold Babies Someday

Happy Baby

Baby clothes from Oilily, heart wringingly adorable.

Awwww. Eee! Aw. Ooo!

That is how strong med school women spell cute, with a capital Q-T. When passing the tiny people clothes department, we melt under a shower of Aww’s OoO-sing from our hearts. It’s almost like we’ll make great moms one of these days.

Then why have so many of us fielded questions like “if you become a doctor, will you never be at home?” or “how can you still have a family?” Continue reading

Flexibility as a Female Physician

Seems [oxy-]moronic, but whether you’re into jet setting or maybe something quaint, oh, say like having a family, you should meet a few of the new friends I’ve made this summer:

Miss Mix-It-Up

This pediatrician grew up and attended medical school in Kenya. After residency and a mandatory year in something akin to the Peace Corps, Michigan seemed like the place to be. Her clinical work became so boring that she went for an MPH and ended up researching pediatric obesity. Currently, two days are spent running a healthy weight clinic at a major hospital while the other three days with data analysis, papers, lectures.

Miss E.R.

She chooses to work 3 twelve hour shifts. At night. Supposedly, never misses a bit of her children’s lives.
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